Kodian Trio Tour

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BRÅK Season 2

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Season two of BRÅK is already underway. This season I am doing a series of duos with exceptional guitarists – Dirk Serries, Daniel Thompson, and David Birchall.

To keep up-to-date with BRÅK events head to the website: http://brakbrakbrak.co.uk/

vs Tape Loops

vs loops cover

‘vs Loops’ is a new solo tape release on Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat label. The album is a series of improvisations accompanied by pre-recorded cassette tape loops that were sourced from an open call for loops on the internet. Improvised music is characterised by the development of ideas through the interaction of the players. This concept is subverted on vs Loops as the tape loops are constant, unprocessed, and to some extent predictable. This presents an interesting challenge to develop music through a one-way conversation.

Loops created by: Ian Stonehouse, Phil Julian, Stephan Barrett, Marcus Hamblett, and Colin Webster.

” The loops provided by Phil Julian, Marcus Hamblett and others, are mostly atonal snippets of stacked field recordings and samples turned into concrete water wheels that cycle on while Webster filters his consciousness through the bell of a saxophone. He deploys an impressive range of sucks, kisses and harmonics alongside his usual guttural parp, switching between contrasting and mimicking the 11 tape loops on the album. It’s a hugely nifty concept, plus there’s perhaps more sonic variety on offer here than a free jazz group proper could muster.” – Tristan Bath, The Wire

Line-up: Colin Webster – alto and baritone saxophones.

Kodian Trio II

kodian 2 cover

Kodian Trio’s second studio album is out now on LP and download from Trost Records. The album was recorded at the end of last year at Sunnyside Studios in Belgium.

“there is a playfulness inherent in the work that sets the Kodians apart” – Kevin Press, All About Jazz. Full review here.

Short interview with the band about the making of the record on the Badd Press blog here.

Full review from Spontaneous Music Tribune (in Polish).

Full review from Opduvel (in Dutch).

Short review from Draai Om Je Oren (in Dutch).

Short review from Free Form Free Jazz (in Portuguese).

Short review from Can This Even Be Called Music.

Line-up: Dirk Serries – electric guitar, Colin Webster – alto saxophone, Andrew Lisle – drums.

Most Of What Follows Is True

soundholes cover bc

New limited edition cassette release with Graham Dunning on the Sound Holes label – ‘Most Of What Follows Is True’. The tracks for this album are taken from the same sessions as our previous album ‘Oval’.

Line-up: Colin Webster – Baritone Saxophone, Graham Dunning – Turntable, Dubplates, Spring Reverbs


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BRÅK is a new improvised music series that I’m co-promoting with Cath Roberts and Tom Ward at the waterintobeer shop in Brockley, South East London. We will each present a new duo collaboration at each session.

On 9th September I will play a duo set with Graham Dunning on various acoustic objects, instead of his usual turntable / dubplates set-up.

On 28th October I will play solo and present a new project playing to pre-recorded cassette tape loops.

On 16th December I will play a duo set with Otto Willberg on double bass. This will be our debut duo performance.