TONUS Ear Duration

NWOJ0020_cover_square_3500pxThe ever-evolving TONUS ensemble returns with a new release in it’s latest iteration. Recorded at London’s Hackney Road Studios, the ensemble includes Benedict Taylor (viola), Martina Verhoeven (piano), Dirk Serries (accordion and acoustic guitar), and Graham Dunning (snare drum and objects). The material on the album is a mixture of graphic score compositions and improvisations.

Ear Duration is available now on CD and download from New Wave of Jazz.

“It’s not jazz, it’s not classical, instead it’s a conversation between players speaking in the voice of their chosen instruments, and they are verbose, to say the least. This is not straight out chaotic noise, au contraire, but there’s plenty of agitation and there is pause. And while the most minute sounds register in the vanta black void at times, these rests offer a contained sense in the power of being off script.. A stunning piece.” – Toneshift (full review)

“It is a great release, one that is best enjoyed in complete solitude, fully concentrating on the sparseness of it all.” – Vital Weekly

Review by We Need No Swords

Review by Opduvel (in Dutch)

Line-up: Graham Dunning – snaredrum, objects, Dirk Serries – accordeon, acoustic guitar, Benedict Taylor – viola, Martina Verhoeven – piano, Colin Webster – flute, alto sax


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