Molar Wrench

SATFD + DN - Molar Wrench Bandcamp cover

New release on Hominid Sounds, ‘Molar Wrench’ is a collaboration between Dead Neanderthals and Sly & The Family Drone. The album is available on limited edition transparent blue vinyl, with amazing cover art by Ian Watson.

“if you can imagine Brötzmann playing at some muddy late 60s festival outside Düsseldorf with some crazy ass freaks who’ve just robbed a music store then you might be somewhere in the same field as this lot” Dave Jackson – A Jazz Noise

“Working towards similar ends – ripping holes in the space-time continuum via bloody-minded mongrel noise – these two crews lock together like the pieces of a dank Lego sculpture from an upside-down dimension.” Paul Margree – We Need No Swords

Line-up: Matt Cargill – vocals & effects, Colin Webster – saxophone, Otto Kokke – saxophone, Callum Joshua Buckland – drums, Rene Aquarius – drums.


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