Two New Live Releases

live at spontaneous cover bc

Two recent live releases. ‘Live at 2nd Spontaneous Music Festival’ documents two different sets at the festival in Poznan, Poland in 2018. The first set is a duo with Barcelona-based drummer and percussionist Vasco Trilla. The second set is with the addition of Polish guitarist Michal Dymny.

Review by Jazzword

Review by Spontaneous Music Tribune (in Polish)

Line-up: Colin Webster – alto saxophone, Vasco Trilla – drums and percussion, Michal Dymny – electric guitar

live at new river cover

‘Live at New River Studios’ is a cassette release on the Sound Holes label from Scotland. Sound Holes previously released ‘Most Of What Follows Is True’ with Graham Dunning back in 2017. As part of their new live series they have released this concert recording with John Macedo on modular synth, captured at New River Studios in North London.

Line-up: John Macedo – modular synthesizer, Colin Webster – alto saxophone

Two New Releases On New Wave Of Jazz

boskage cover bc

Two new releases on the iconic New Wave of Jazz label run by Dirk Serries. Firstly, ‘Boskage’ is a set of improvisations with acoustic guitarist Daniel Thompson.

“Without experimentation, there can be no growth. Thompson and Webster take this notion to heart, expanding the grammar and vocabulary of their instruments, breaking conventional rules of interplay in the process.” – Mike Borella, Avant Music News

Line-up: Colin Webster – alto sax, Daniel Thompson – acoustic guitar

segment tones cover bc

The second release is from the ever-evolving TONUS ensemble, this time as a trio with Dirk Serries on accordion and soprano melodica, and Martina Verhoeven on concertina and ‘cello. The three pieces that make up ‘Segment Tones’ sit at the intersection between minimalism, improvisation, and composition.

Review of both albums by Spontaneous Music Tribune (in Polish)

Review of both albums by Vital Weekly

Review of Segment Tones by De Subjectivisten (in Dutch)

Line-up: Dirk Serries – accordeon, soprano melodica, Martina Verhoeven – concertina, ‘cello, Colin Webster – clarinet, alto sax

Kodian Trio III

kodian 3 cover bcKodian Trio’s third studio album is available now from Trost Records. The album was recorded at White Noise Studio in Winterswijk, NL. Two of the tracks feature on the White Noise video sessions.

The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink. Marlon has written an excellent overview of the recording process.

Review by Spontaneous Music Tribune (in Polish)

Review by Enola Magazine (in Flemish)

Review by Can This Even Be Called Music

Line-up: Dirk Serries – electric guitar, Andrew Lisle – drums, Colin Webster – alto saxophone

Fear Falls Burning

ffb cover

Last year I was asked to join Dirk Serries’s long-running project Fear Falls Burning for a one-off performance and studio recording session. The resulting album ‘Function Collapse’ was released on LP and download by Consouling Sounds in April this year.

Line-up: Dirk Serries – electric guitar, Colin Webster – tenor saxophone, Tim Bertilsson – drums