Live at BRÅK

BRÅK is the long-running improvised music series that I co-organise with Cath Roberts and Tom Ward. The concerts take place at a local craft beer shop in South East London called waterintobeer. ‘Live at BRÅK’ captures a duo set with Martina Verhoeven on ‘cello in April last year. Martina and I have mainly worked together in various iterations of Dirk Serries’ TONUS project. This concert was our first time playing as a duo in a fully improvised setting.

Review by Spontaneous Music Tribune (in Polish)

Review by Opduvel (in Dutch)

Line-up: Martina Verhoeven – cello, Colin Webster – alto saxophone



‘Terrain’ is the new LP by my long-running duo with Graham Dunning. For our previous six albums this duo has mainly utilised the same instrumentation – saxophone and turntable. On ‘Terrain’ however, Graham moves away from the turntable and exclusively plays snare drum and objects, often manipulating the skin with motors and fans. The way we approach the music is also different on this album – avoiding the usual rapid-fire techniques, the album can be heard as a series of textural studies, where a narrow palette of sounds are patiently explored in almost obsessive detail.

Line-up: Graham Dunning – snare drum & objects, Colin Webster – alto & baritone saxophones

Recent Live Recordings

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Webster / Challenger at waterintobeer


Two New Releases On New Wave Of Jazz

light industry cover bc

Two new releases on the iconic New Wave of Jazz label run by Dirk Serries. Firstly, an acoustic duo with Dirk Serries – ‘Light Industry’. Dirk and I have collaborated extensively in Kodian Trio, TONUS, Fear Falls Burning, and have one previous duo album ‘Gargoyles’ (Raw Tonk Records). ‘Light Industry’ is the debut recording in this acoustic set-up.

“Light Industry continues their restless search for new challenges, dynamics, and textures, but now in expanded improvisations that deepen their personal approaches, including unique, extended techniques and manipulations of their instruments.” – Eyal Hareuveni, Free Jazz Blog

Line-up: Colin Webster – alto saxophone, Dirk Serries – acoustic guitar

praxis cover bc

‘Praxis’ is another collaboration with Dirk Serries on acoustic guitar, with the addition of Martina Verhoeven on piano. This trio has worked together before in both improvised settings and in TONUS. Although improvised, the music on ‘Praxis’ has a highly controlled feel to it in terms of dynamics and interaction, which has a lot in common with the music of TONUS.

“The Praxis of this trio is unhurried and sparse, quiet and contemplative. But the improvisations – with its twisted and manipulated sounds, extracted by an array of extended techniques – flow in total freedom and spacious atmosphere, sketching abstract textures that, intentionally, avoid dense, powerful climaxes.” – Eyal Hareuveni, Free Jazz Blog

Review of both albums by Vital Weekly

Review of both albums by Free Jazz Blog

Review of both albums by Jazz Halo (in Dutch)

Review of ‘Light Industry’ by Opduvel (in Dutch)

Review of ‘Praxis’ by Opduvel (in Dutch)

Line-up: Dirk Serries – acoustic guitar, Martina Verhoeven – piano, Colin Webster – alto saxophone


Live In Leeds

kodian trio live in leeds cover bc

Recorded during Kodian Trio’s UK tour in 2019, ‘Live in Leeds’ is available as limited edition CDR on Raw Tonk Records. The band’s performance at LS6 Cafe was captured and mixed by Chris Sharkey.

The CDR was intended as a ‘live only’ release available at gigs on the European tour that we sadly had to cancel due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Proceeds from the sales of this album are now going towards recovering some of our losses from the cancelled tour.

Line-up: Dirk Serries – electric guitar, Andrew Lisle – drums, Colin Webster – alto saxophone

Zeal and Perseverance

zeal and perseverance cover

Available now from the Norwegian label Va Fongool, is the new album by my trio with Andrew Lisle (drums) and Stian Larsen (guitar) – Zeal and Perseverance.

“Zeal and Perseverance captures faithfully the essence of the trio: hard-hitting and dynamic play of pushing and crisscrossing musical borders that visits and reshapes our conceptions of free jazz, rock and noise territories.” – Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

Line-up: Stian Larsen – electric guitar, Andrew Lisle – drums, Colin Webster – alto saxophone

Two New Live Releases

live at spontaneous cover bc

Two recent live releases. ‘Live at 2nd Spontaneous Music Festival’ documents two different sets at the festival in Poznan, Poland in 2018. The first set is a duo with Barcelona-based drummer and percussionist Vasco Trilla. The second set is with the addition of Polish guitarist Michal Dymny.

Review by Jazzword

Review by Spontaneous Music Tribune (in Polish)

Line-up: Colin Webster – alto saxophone, Vasco Trilla – drums and percussion, Michal Dymny – electric guitar

live at new river cover

‘Live at New River Studios’ is a cassette release on the Sound Holes label from Scotland. Sound Holes previously released ‘Most Of What Follows Is True’ with Graham Dunning back in 2017. As part of their new live series they have released this concert recording with John Macedo on modular synth, captured at New River Studios in North London.

Line-up: John Macedo – modular synthesizer, Colin Webster – alto saxophone